• Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character and jump. You can double jump.
  • Use Space Bar to attack. Fight until you defeat your enemies!
  • Once defeated, you will have to restart the page to join the fight again.
  • The "Host" is the first player to connect to the game. Other players  ("peers") will connect to the host to join the game, so ideally the host should be the person with the best internet connection! If the host quits, the game will end for everyone.

Known Issues

  • Peers can take some time and have difficulties connecting to a host. Just keep refreshing and trying until it works!
  • Sometimes if two players connect at a similar time, one of them will be able to control both players. The best thing to do in this case is simply to refresh the page and join the game again.
  • Sometimes a peer can clip through a platform and de-sync itself with the rest of the game, making the player move in an erratic manner. The best way to fix this is trying to return to the ground.
  • Depending on your web browser Space Bar might make the page scroll. To avoid this you can press the button in the bottom right to play in full screen.
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