A top down exploration game in a world of eternal night. This a demo to test whether it's worth continuing, so any honest feedback/opinion is appreciated! Controls in-game. Construct 2 source code availabe if you want to see how it's made!

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I really enjoyed this!  It's very chill and fun.  Most of the puzzles are the kind of easy that feels right, but ocassionally things were unclear.  In the first boomerang puzzle, I had trouble figuring out which barrels/torches I had to light, and if I had to do it in one shot.  Eventually, I passed that point, but I'm not sure how.  Other than that, it's really cool!

Thanks for the feedback, it's pretty useful!

first boomerang puzzle is impossible.

boomerang's action-radius is too small to reach all the required barrels. (unless the solution simply doesn't register or barrels should relight boomerang)

Seems a lot of people are having problems with that puzzle, think I'll have to redesign it.